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Hello! I'm Kireth, your sim doctor and driver coach. I've been coaching sim racing for a number of years now, and would love to help you unlock your true speed and enjoy your hobby more. Please contact me using the button below, so we can get started!



Unleash your potential on the track with my personalised Sim Racing Coaching Sessions!

Personalized One-on-One Online Sessions: Enjoy a 30 or 60-minute coaching session tailored to your specific needs on the car and track of your choice or as recommended by me. My format includes laps following my car, my reviewing your driving and inputs, and dynamic driving where I will push you and extend the limits of your potential.

Emphasis on Driving Fundamentals: To take your racing to the next level, I utilize custom telemetry analysis - by studying your speed, braking, gear changes, and other data, I identify areas for improvement and help you optimize every lap. Additionally I will provide you with in depth understanding of the rationale behind every correct move -  I won't just tell you where to slow down, but explain why it's important to do so at that specific point (to strategise overtaking opportunities, conserve tyres, or defend, for example). 

Dealing with Dirty Drivers: Getting taken out by dirty drivers online? I have the proven techniquest to turn the tables on dirty drivers and have them eating your dust in embarrassment. 

Flexible Access: Join our sessions remotely using Gran Turismo 7, Assetto Corsa Competizione, or iRacing, from the comfort of your home. All you need is an internet connection, Discord, and the relevant sim. 

• Flexible Booking: Schedule your sessions at your convenience. Reschedule or cancel up to 48 hours in advance.

• Expertise and Experience: Leverage my experience and expertise, I'm here to help you reach your potential.

• Continuous Support: Even after the session, we're available for help and advice via Discord. 

Whether you're A, B, C, or D ranked, my bespoke coaching packages will make you faster! Join us today and experience the thrill of simulated racing like never before!



With years of sim racing coaching experience and tonnes of free guides on YouTube, here are comments from sim racers I've helped along the way!



Hi everyone

Just had lesson with Kireth and found it to be invaluable to my driving. He is an excellent trainer, patient and calm in how he helps remedy your short comings. I would not hesitate to recommend his coaching to anyone and everyone. 1000%.

Thank you Kireth for yor time and effort. I will take your teachings and apply them to my racing. Keep up the good work coaching and on YouTube. I'll be watching.

Many thanks




Hi Kireth,

I just want to say a big thank you for your coaching today, I have learned so much from you from how to get round corners faster to how to deal with dirty drivers. It's been a blast so thank so much for all your help and support telling me where I was going wrong to praising me when I got it right.

I would highly recommend Kireth as a coach to coach you if your struggling with trying to put in faster times on track.

Kireth you are a legend and can't wait to have another session with you.

All the best my friend and good luck with all the upcoming events

Many thanks 


KCR Nacho: is a cutting-edge tool that is revolutionizing the world of sim-motorsports by enhancing lap times and improving overall performance. As an avid racer, I was eager to explore how his innovative technique could assist me in optimizing my lap times and taking my driving skills to the next level. utilizes advanced data analysis to provide real-time feedback and valuable insights on driving techniques, and track coordination. Allowing users to simulate real-world racing scenarios and make data-driven decisions to improve their lap times. One of the key features of is its ability to analyze telemetry data captured during practice sessions. By meticulously studying various parameters such as throttle input, braking points, cornering speeds, and steering angles, identifies areas where improvements can be made. 


He then provides personalized recommendations and coaching tips to optimize these aspects of driving. By making informed adjustments, I was able to maximize grip, stability, and overall balance, resulting in faster lap times. He allowed me to practice and refine my driving skills. This not only helped me adapt to unexpected situations but also enabled me to experiment with different strategies and find the most efficient lines around the track. 


Overall, played a pivotal role in enhancing my lap times and refining my racing skills. His data-driven approach, personalized feedback, and comprehensive analysis capabilities provided me with invaluable insights and guidance. With the session, I witnessed noticeable improvements in my lap times, ultimately making me a more competitive and confident racer. truly proved to be an indispensable tool for any motorsport enthusiast striving to excel on the track.





From sim racing to a professional career! 

Embracing sim racing is more than just a thrilling hobby; it's a potential springboard into a professional racing career.  Sim racing can provide invaluable skills and experience that translate directly onto the real track.

Jann Mardenborough's professional racing career is a fascinating journey that began in the world of sim racing. He first gained recognition in 2011 when he won the GT Academy, a competition co-hosted by Nissan and Sony that aimed to transition the fastest Gran Turismo gamers into real-world racing. Mardenborough triumphed over thousands of competitors, earning a seat in a Nissan 370Z GT4 car in the Dubai 24 Hour race, where his team achieved a third-place finish in their class. Post his GT Academy success, Nissan fostered his early career, leading him to compete in the British GT Championship in 2012 and then progressing to the European Formula 3 Championship in 2013. He also made his debut at the prestigious Le Mans 24 hours race in the same year. By 2014, he advanced to the GP3 Series, a precursor to Formula 1. In a significant move in 2015, Mardenborough relocated to Japan to compete in the Super GT and the All-Japan Formula 3 Championship. Today, his path from a Gran Turismo gamer to a professional racer in globally competitive motorsport series stands as an inspiring testament to the potential of sim racing as a pathway to professional motorsport.

James Baldwin's ascension to professional racing is a compelling story that sprouted from the realm of sim racing. Known as the "World's Fastest Gamer," Baldwin first turned heads in 2019 when he emerged victorious in the eSport competition of the same name, outclassing a plethora of talented gamers from around the globe. The victory landed him a $1 million racing contract, affording him the chance to transition from virtual to real-world racing. In the 2020 season, he seized this opportunity and made his debut in the British GT Championship, driving a McLaren 720S GT3 for the Jenson Team Rocket RJN team, co-owned by former Formula 1 World Champion Jenson Button. Baldwin showcased impressive performances, including winning his first race at Oulton Park. He also claimed the British GT Championship Silver Cup in his maiden season, a testament to his remarkable talent and adaptability. Baldwin's journey from a sim racer to a professional motorsport competitor underscores the tremendous potential of sim racing as a launchpad to a professional racing career.

Rudy van Buren's transition from sim racing to professional motorsport is an inspiring tale of determination and talent. A former sales manager from the Netherlands, van Buren catapulted to fame in 2017 when he outperformed thousands of competitors to win the inaugural "World's Fastest Gamer" competition. This victory earned him the coveted role of an official simulator driver for the McLaren Formula 1 team, a position that entailed working closely with McLaren's engineers and drivers to develop their real-world race cars. In this role, van Buren leveraged his sim racing experience to provide valuable insights for the team, thereby blurring the lines between virtual and real-world racing. Additionally, he also had the opportunity to participate in various real-world racing events, including the Race of Champions and the Porsche Supercup, further cementing his status as a talented racer. Rudy van Buren's journey from a sim racer to an integral part of a prestigious Formula 1 team truly exemplifies the potential of sim racing as a stepping stone to professional motorsport.