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Lowering a car decreases the chance of rollover for better handling. However, if you set the vehicle too low, you may find the wheels hitting the arches to create a bumpy ride, prevent the wheels from steering and/or have the body of a car hit the ground and slow you down. 


One of the most common mistakes is having the front ride height too low and as a result experience a lack of turn into corners as the wheels are hitting the body to prevent them turning.

Lowering the front of a car decreases the load on the rear wheels creating oversteer, Lowering the rear decreases the load on the front wheels creating understeer. 


Ride height changes affect the other aspects of a car’s setup so it is advised to get the ride height to a level where the front wheels are not impacted by weight transfer under braking and when turning into corners at a slower speed.


Car Behaviour

Slow Corners


Increase Rear Ride Height


Decrease Rear Ride Height