Red Bull Ring | Ultimate Sim Racing Track Guide!

By Kireth | May 16, 2023

Welcome to your comprehensive sim racing track guide to the Red Bull Ring, one of the most technical and challenging circuits in the world. This track is a true masterpiece of motorsport engineering, combining high-speed straights with complex corners and tricky sectors. This guide is aimed to help you master this track, whether you're a sim racing newbie or a seasoned pro.

The Circuit

The Red Bull Ring is a challenging circuit, full of twists and turns that demand precision and attention to detail. One of the most striking features of the track is the sausage kerbs on the inside of the corners, which can be a nightmare for drivers who misjudge their line. The second sector of the track is particularly technical, and the pressure in sector three, especially during time trials, is immense.

Mastering the Track

Understanding the subtleties of the Red Bull Ring can dramatically improve your lap times. For instance, it's crucial to know when to brake and when to release the brake. The power application can be counterintuitive at this circuit, and you might find yourself getting on the power at different times than you would on other tracks.

Turning references are also crucial. Identifying the right moment to turn into the midfield part of the track can help you unlock better lap times. By the end of this guide, you should be able to navigate the Red Bull Ring with increased speed and confidence.

Key Corners

Turn one and three are similar, and understanding them is essential for mastering the track. A good tip is to break just before the 100-meter board, and then use the first 50 meters to brake in a straight line. This strategy allows for maximum braking efficiency. When you reach the 50-meter board, start easing off the brake and get on the throttle sooner than you might think.

Turn four is another key corner. Here, you need to brake earlier than you might expect and focus on getting the line right. Follow the rubber lines on the track, touch the curb gently, and then power all the way through the corner.

The last two corners of the lap are right-handers where precision can yield time. Start turning in at the 50 board and try to get on the power early.

Top Tips

Remember, sim racing is all about understanding the nuances of the track and your car. Here are some top tips for the Red Bull Ring:

  • Pay attention to the rubber lines on the track. They can provide valuable guidance on the best driving lines.
  • Early braking is crucial, especially in downhill corners.
  • Always try to maximize your speed by unwinding the steering as early as possible.
  • Balance your braking and throttle application. The more lock you apply on the steering, the slower you'll accelerate.

Finally, remember that sim racing, like real racing, takes practice. Take the time to learn the track, understand your car, and refine your driving technique. And remember, the aim is to have fun while improving your skills. Happy racing!