PSVR2 With Glasses? Don't Try It Before You Watch THIS!

By Kireth | Mar 01, 2023

Many avid gamers have been keenly waiting for the PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2) and now that it's finally here, a common question I've been asked is, 'Does PSVR2 work if you wear glasses?' As someone who wears metallic glasses, this question was particularly interesting to me because the lenses of these glasses are prone to scratching. So, after some experimentation, I can confirm that, yes, you can play PSVR2 while wearing glasses, but there are a few tips and precautions you should consider.

Firstly, start by pulling the headset back as far as possible before you put it on your face. This might seem a little extreme, but it's a necessary measure to keep the lenses of your glasses away from the PSVR2 lenses. Scratches on VR lenses are irreparable, so it's best to be cautious.

Once you've put on the headset, assess the visual quality and distance of the PSVR2 lenses from your glasses. You can then start adjusting the headset from the back to make it snug, but be careful not to bring it too close to your glasses. The goal is to achieve a clear view and vision with minimal chromatic blur.

For me, I found the field of view with glasses to be even better than when using contact lenses. Although, your experience may vary based on the type of glasses you wear.

Next, you'll need to adjust the eye tracking settings. If the system indicates that the headset is too low, lift it up from the back and adjust the ratchet for a better fit. Once you're happy with the fit, go into the eye tracking settings. If you can't see the markers on the left and right, you'll need to adjust the eye tracking settings again.

While wearing glasses, I noticed that the eye tracking exercise didn't feel as wide as when I had contact lenses on. This is likely because your eyes are a bit further back when wearing glasses. However, once the adjustments were made, the field of view seemed to improve, and the visuals were pretty clear.

One important tip I'd like to highlight is not to get too lazy while adjusting the headset and risk scratching your glasses. Always be cautious while handling the headset. Also, be aware that a little bit of light may bleed in, but that's easily fixable.

When it comes to removing the headset, make sure to avoid bringing your glasses close to the PSVR2 lenses. It's a bit of a process, but it's worth it to prevent any potential damage to your headset.

In conclusion, while it's certainly more convenient to use PSVR2 with glasses if you don't have contact lenses, your experience may vary based on the type of frames you have. For instance, I found that plastic glasses posed less of a risk compared to metallic ones.

One crucial thing to remember is that once the PSVR2 lenses are scratched, you'll always notice those scratches, especially when the light shines on them. Therefore, no matter how excited you are to jump into the world of VR, take the time to handle your equipment with care.

So yes, you can indeed enjoy the PSVR2 experience while wearing glasses, but please be careful. If you have any more tips or tricks for using PSVR2 with glasses, feel free to share them in the comments below. I hope you find this guide helpful, and happy gaming!