PSVR2 Tracking Issues Fix By...Fernando Alonso?!

By Kireth | Mar 22, 2023

Ever since I started having big problems with my PSVR2 tracking, I knew I had to take some drastic measures to fix it. I wasn't going to let these tracking issues stand in my way, so I embarked on a journey to find the ultimate solution. And you won't believe what I stumbled upon.

Enter Fernando Alonso, or at least, his flag from his Renault days. I had this crazy idea that perhaps this flag might be the key to fixing my tracking woes. With the flag at the ready, I set up my play area, hoping that the white space on the flag would improve my tracking experience.

As I started scanning the room, the flag was finally picked up, and I couldn't help but feel a spark of excitement. However, the ceiling seemed to be causing some issues, so I focused on getting more space on the floor and removing unnecessary objects, like a fan, from the play area.

With everything in place, I eagerly started a race in GT, hoping that the tracking would be spot on. At first, it seemed like the tracking had indeed improved, but soon enough, the familiar micro-movements and jarring sensation returned.

Frustrated, I tried different lighting setups and angles, but nothing seemed to make a significant difference. Even with the flag and various lighting changes, my PSVR2 tracking continued to be a major issue. It was clear that there had to be something else at play.

As I continued racing, I noticed that the cameras on the PSVR2 were very close to the wheel. Could it be that their proximity was causing these tracking problems? It's a theory that I'm still exploring, but it could very well be the culprit.

Despite my struggles, I'm not giving up on my quest for the perfect PSVR2 tracking. I've ordered something new that's coming in the mail, and if that doesn't work, I'll keep searching for a solution. For now, I'm left wondering: am I alone in experiencing these issues, or are others facing the same frustrations with their PSVR2?

If you've encountered similar issues or have any thoughts on potential solutions, please let me know. Together, we can crack the code and enjoy the incredible experience that PSVR2 has to offer. In the meantime, I'll keep hunting for a fix and keep you all updated on my progress. Stay tuned for the next chapter in this exciting adventure!