PSVR2 Is BLURRY!? Well Yes, Here's Why...

By Kireth | Feb 23, 2023

The PlayStation Virtual Reality 2 (PSVR2) has been making waves in the gaming industry, and after a day of streaming Gran Turismo 7, I'm ready to share my first impressions of this new VR headset. As a gamer predominantly focused on racing but with a general interest in all genres, I've formed a comprehensive understanding of the PSVR2's capabilities.

Visual Quality

The first thing to understand about the PSVR2 is that it does not mirror the visual IQ quality found in 2D PlayStation gaming. The visual quality, while impressive, is akin to a PC game running on medium or low settings compared to ultra settings. So, while my streams and videos might present the game in high-quality, the actual VR experience may not match that level of clarity. It's a significant leap from PS4's VR but still not quite on par with 2D.

In practical terms, this means that when racing in Gran Turismo 7, for instance, fine details such as numbers on braking boards are not as clear in VR as they are in 2D. However, once adjusted to the difference, you can still race effectively by relying more on your peripheral vision and subconscious to anticipate the game's cues.

Racing Experience and Performance

Initially, you might not be faster on a PSVR2 headset, but with time and recalibration of your instincts, you can certainly reach the same level of performance. And while the visual clarity might not be perfect, the immersive VR environment makes up for this in many ways.

Comfort and Fatigue

After an intense, eight-hour racing session, I did not experience any motion sickness or fatigue. This could be attributed to my prior experience with the PSVR1, but I also believe the lightweight design and low-latency performance of the PSVR2 played a significant role.

The audio works seamlessly, and the new controllers, while taking some time to get used to, offer a more immersive experience. However, be aware that if the controllers are not correctly placed in the charging dock, you might experience occasional red screen interruptions.

Try Before You Buy

The PSVR2 isn't for everyone. Some users might be disappointed by the visual quality, while others could find it a game-changer. Therefore, I strongly recommend trying one before making the purchase to ensure it meets your expectations.

Price Consideration and Conclusion

At a price of 529 pounds for the headset, the value proposition depends largely on the games you're interested in. For a racing enthusiast like me, the immersive experience in Gran Turismo 7, including the fascinating VR showroom, is worth it. However, before making the investment, consider the slate of upcoming titles compatible with the PSVR2.

In conclusion, the PSVR2, despite some drawbacks, is a significant improvement over its predecessor. Its ability to function smoothly for long periods of intense gaming makes it an exciting addition to the PlayStation family. Although the visual quality might be blurry compared to 2D gaming, the overall immersive experience could make this headset worth considering for many gamers.