By Kireth | May 16, 2023

The PlayStation Virtual Reality 2 (PSVR2), Sony’s latest venture into the virtual reality world, has been heavily criticized for its underperformance in Gran Turismo 7 Esports. While many agree that the PSVR2 makes the user faster in Gran Turismo 7, it has unfortunately failed on the esports front. Here, we will delve into why this is not only a significant setback for Gran Turismo 7 but also for the PSVR2 as a whole.

The PSVR2 headset does make you faster in Gran Turismo 7 for several reasons. First, it provides a broader field of view, allowing you to perceive your surroundings and navigate long corners more easily. Furthermore, the 3D depth perception feature allows you to assess approaching break markers with unprecedented clarity, improving your car control significantly. Despite these advantages, the PSVR2 headset remains underutilized in esports.

The reason for this underuse is primarily the result of how Gran Turismo 7 has handled PSVR2 in terms of competitive driving. The Heads Up Display (HUD) in PSVR2, a critical element in competitive driving, has been significantly hampered. You can't see your standings in the race, the gaps to the drivers around you, or even what tires they're on. The lack of such basic functionalities in PSVR2's HUD is a monumental misstep.

Ideally, Gran Turismo 7 should have allowed players to use the default HUD, even if it did not look perfect, but contained all the necessary information. Additionally, there should be an option to toggle between a HUD and no HUD, as these elements can clutter the screen.

The absence of these functionalities is a significant issue as it could hinder the sales of the PSVR2 units. The fastest Gran Turismo 7 drivers using PSVR2 would have created a halo effect, enticing more consumers to purchase the headset. However, the reality is that there is no visible usage of this headset.

Another concern is the lack of exposure for VR through Gran Turismo 7. The game does not celebrate PSVR2, nor does it have a dedicated VR menu on the home page. The lack of proper VR signage or dedicated lobbies for VR users is bewildering. This lack of promotion is a missed opportunity, considering the phenomenal driving experience the PSVR2 provides.

Gran Turismo 7 is missing out on promoting a truly immersive driving experience that is arguably the best racing experience you can get on console. The setting sun, the real-time online driving, it’s all otherworldly. However, the classic GT thing is happening where they are letting the whole thing slip away.

The lack of an option to create VR-only lobbies is another missed opportunity. Knowing that you're coming up against a VR driver would be cool and, seeing VR drivers at the top of lobbies might spark curiosity in other players about VR headsets.

It is also worth mentioning that Gran Turismo didn’t support PSVR1 in any significant way. The whole thing was hamstrung, and it couldn’t even race other people. It was a one-on-one session, which was a letdown.

In conclusion, while the PSVR2 headset offers a unique and immersive driving experience in Gran Turismo 7, it has unfortunately failed to make its mark in the esports world due to a lack of critical features and inadequate support from the game. There is a crucial need to improve the PSVR2 experience in esports, and the feedback from users could significantly contribute to this improvement.