New PSVR2 Update FIXES Blurry Graphics Issue!

By Kireth | Apr 26, 2023

The latest PSVR2 update could be a game-changer, potentially addressing some of the tracking issues and visual limitations that users have been experiencing. The update, which can be easily installed, promises to deliver noticeable improvements in visual quality, latency, and tracking.

The PSVR2 headset has garnered a lot of praise from users, although it has faced some challenges when it comes to consistent tracking and optimal visuals during live streaming. In games like Gran Turismo 7, for example, some players have reported glitchy tracking and unwanted movement within the car. This update aims to improve these issues.

Upon installing the update, users have reported that the visuals appear clearer and crisper, with sharper edges on text and a reduction in blurriness. This is particularly evident in games like Gran Turismo 7, where users can now see the outlines of trees and other objects more clearly. Other games like Kayak and Swordsman have also shown improvements, though the results vary between titles.

In addition to enhanced visuals, the PSVR2 update also promises to improve tracking. While some users may still experience minor shifting, overall tracking seems to be more stable and accurate than before.

As the PSVR2 community continues to test the latest update, user feedback will be crucial in determining the full extent of the improvements. For now, it appears that this update is a significant step in the right direction for PSVR2 users. Share your experiences in the comments and let us know if you have noticed any improvements in visual quality or tracking since updating your headset.