I Modded My PSVR2 With Custom Lenses!

By Kireth | Apr 29, 2023

For those who have struggled to find comfort while wearing glasses during virtual reality (VR) gaming sessions, VR Wave has a potential solution that could revolutionize your experience. VR Wave, an innovative company specializing in custom VR lenses, has recently introduced custom prescription lenses designed specifically for PSVR2 headsets. These lenses not only promise an enhanced VR experience for glasses wearers but also eliminate the need to wear contact lenses during gameplay.

These VR Wave custom lenses are meticulously crafted for each individual user based on their prescription. They are glare-proof, anti-scratch, and designed to fit seamlessly onto the PSVR2 headset. To install the lenses, users simply need to snap them onto the headset using the provided magnetic attachments. The installation process is easy and quick, even for those who have never used VR lenses before.

The moment of truth comes when users, who have replaced their glasses with these custom lenses, put on their PSVR2 headset. Many users have reported that the lenses provide a level of visual clarity similar to wearing contact lenses. The custom lenses offer an immersive VR experience that glasses wearers have long sought after.

However, it is important to note that the addition of these lenses may add a bit of weight to the front of the headset, potentially requiring some adjustment to find the most comfortable position. Also, the lenses may sit slightly further away from the user's face, causing a small reduction in the field of view. Despite these minor drawbacks, users have been overwhelmingly satisfied with the overall experience offered by the VR Wave lenses.

VR Wave has undoubtedly struck a chord with glasses wearers who enjoy VR gaming. The custom lenses not only provide a more comfortable gaming experience but also allow users to fully immerse themselves in the virtual world without the hindrance of glasses. These custom lenses for PSVR2 headsets are a game-changer for those who have struggled with glasses and VR compatibility.

The VR Wave lenses have garnered positive reviews from users, many of whom have made them a permanent fixture on their PSVR2 headsets. If you are a glasses wearer who enjoys VR gaming, these custom lenses could transform your experience and make gaming more comfortable and enjoyable.

As the VR landscape continues to grow, innovations like VR Wave's custom lenses are crucial to ensure that users with varying visual needs can enjoy immersive gaming experiences without sacrificing comfort. By addressing the unique challenges faced by glasses wearers, VR Wave is helping to make VR gaming more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.