I Modded Gran Turismo 7 To Discover Hidden Tyre Secrets!!

By Kireth | May 18, 2023

In a recent exploration, I dared to probe into the concealed depths of Gran Turismo 7 to uncover the mysteries surrounding tyre physics in the game. The results? Well, they were nothing short of shocking, revealing the crucial role tyres play in determining the race outcomes. Here's what I discovered.

Unveiling the Hidden Telemetry

Unlike in the actual game, to discern the enigmatic tyre telemetry, I had to run a mod. A series of tests at the Fuji race track resulted in the revelation of the paramount influence of tyre temperature on the overall performance.

The Impact of Tyre Temperature

The results from the first qualifying session were astonishing. Tyre temperatures reached a staggering 140 degrees, peaking at certain intense points of the race. However, it wasn't the high temperatures alone that took me by surprise. It was the impact it had on tyre degradation.

The data suggested a non-linear, exponential relationship between tyre temperature and degradation. Every degree increase in temperature caused a disproportionate increase in degradation. This implied that if you aren't actively managing tyre heat, you're potentially sacrificing the durability of your tyres.

A Tale of Two Races

To illustrate this relationship, I ran two rounds at the Fuji race track. The first round was oblivious to tyre management, while the second round saw a more conscious effort to maintain tyre temperatures.

In the first round, the base tyre temperature steadily rose, peaking at about 140 degrees during each lap. As the temperature rose, the tyre degradation worsened, causing premature wear, drastically affecting my race performance and forcing me to pit stop early. The tyres simply couldn't cool down, even when driving down the straight.

The second round told a different story. This time, I took a different approach and adopted a conservative line. The result was significant. The tyre temperatures peaked at a much lower level, about 105-114 degrees, reducing tyre wear and prolonging the tyre life. However, even in this case, a minor slip led to a quick surge in temperatures, indicating the sensitivity of tyres to driving tactics.

Tyre Performance: The Hidden Metric

What this experiment exposed is the hidden complexity within the tyre model of Gran Turismo 7. Contrary to the simplistic representation of tyre performance in the game, it seems to incorporate advanced tyre modelling, only subtly hidden from plain sight.

The conclusion? The secret to being faster in Gran Turismo 7 could very well lie in the mastery of tyre management. As in real-world motorsport, the tyres are everything in Gran Turismo 7. It's a critical factor that isn't talked about enough, but as this experiment shows, tyre management can be the difference between winning and losing a race.

So, the next time you rev up your engines for a virtual race, remember, it's not just the speed and the skill - it's the tyres too. Embrace the hidden secrets and leverage the insights. You might just find yourself crossing the finish line first.