I FIXED The PSVR2 Charging Dock Fault!

By Kireth | Mar 06, 2023

If you are a proud owner of a PSVR2, but you have been facing challenges getting your charging dock to work, you are not alone. This issue has plagued many users, with several instances where the PSVR2 just doesn't want to sit in the dock correctly. However, there is good news - we have found a solution! This article will guide you on how to fix this frustrating problem and ensure your PSVR2 charging dock works efficiently.

The PSVR2 Charging Dock Issue

The main issue with the PSVR2 charging dock seems to be an incompatibility with the lanyards that come with the controllers. These lanyards, while useful in some instances, appear to create a hindrance when trying to dock the PSVR2. When you attempt to slot the controllers into the charging dock, the lanyards might go underneath, preventing the controllers from sitting correctly. This results in your expensive charger not working as expected, which can indeed be frustrating.

The Solution: Remove the Lanyards

The solution to this problem might seem a bit radical, but it is quite simple: remove the lanyards. While it may initially seem like the lanyards are not removable and you might fear breaking the controller, they can indeed be removed by rotating them out.

Before you begin, ensure your PSVR2 controllers are turned off. Hold the lanyard where it connects to the controller, and gently turn it until it slides out. Repeat this process with the other controller. With the lanyards removed, you will be able to dock your controllers more easily, and the charging dock will now function properly.

The Result: A Perfectly Functioning Charging Dock

With the lanyards removed, your PSVR2 should sit nicely in the dock. The little pins on the dock align perfectly with the controllers, enabling effective charging. However, you might find it a bit challenging to determine if your controllers are indeed charging. This is because the charging light is located on what appears to be the back of the controller. But don't worry; your controllers are indeed charging if you see a light there.

Once the lanyards are removed, docking and charging the PSVR2 becomes a lot easier. It's important to note that the original design of the PSVR2 charging dock does not accommodate the lanyards. Therefore, removing them doesn't just fix the problem; it aligns with the intended design of the charging dock.


Fixing the PSVR2 charging dock issue is as simple as removing the lanyards from your controllers. This quick fix will save you from unnecessary frustration and ensure your controllers are always ready for your next gaming session. Now that we've tackled this together, you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming with your PSVR2. Don't forget to share this tip with fellow PSVR2 owners who might be facing the same issue. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks, and happy gaming!