I Fixed The BROKEN Gran Turismo 7 Penalty System!

By Kireth | May 17, 2023

In this article, we'll explore one of the most contentious aspects of the popular racing game Gran Turismo 7: the penalty system. This system, designed to maintain fairness and sportsmanship among players, has come under scrutiny for its perceived flaws and inconsistencies, particularly regarding track limit penalties. Let's delve into the details and propose a potential solution that could significantly enhance gameplay.

The Controversy Surrounding Track Limit Penalties

One of the most common complaints players voice about Gran Turismo 7 revolves around the penalty system, especially when it comes to track limit penalties. Despite the vitriol this system generates, I want to clarify that I don't believe Gran Turismo's system is purposely deceiving players. Instead, it appears that penalties are given when players exceed track limits by the smallest of margins, sometimes even just a single pixel.

The main issue lies with the inconsistency of where these track limits are drawn. For instance, on the Red Bull Ring at turn one, the track limit penalty doesn't seem to follow the white line, nor the curb. It appears to follow the yellow sausage curb instead. Conversely, on the Deep Forest Raceway or other parts of the Red Bull Ring, the penalty line seems to rest on the curb.

There are different viewpoints about where these track limits should be drawn: whether they should strictly adhere to the white line, whether they should extend to the curb, or even further to include any runoff areas.

The Impact on Gameplay and Player Experience

The inconsistent penalty system not only causes frustration but also penalizes casual gamers who may not have the time or the inclination to learn every track's specific limits through repetitive play. This makes it more difficult for these players to compete against more dedicated players who've learned the limits through sheer trial and error.

Track limit penalties have evolved in Gran Turismo 7, moving away from the system in Gran Turismo Sport, where players would accumulate penalties and attempt to lose them at the race end. While the current penalty gates are an improvement, they still carry a level of unfairness due to varying impact depending on the track. For example, a half-second penalty at the Spa circuit could cause over a second loss, whereas the same penalty at the Red Bull Ring might not even result in a half-second loss.

A Potential Solution to the Track Limit Problem

So, how do we fix this issue? I propose a simple yet effective solution: A toggle button that shades areas outside of track limits in red while leaving areas within limits in their regular color. This function would enable players to better understand and visualize track limits, thereby reducing confusion and frustration.

This solution would need to be programmed into the game's code, marking specific areas where penalties would be given if all four wheels of the car crossed the line. Implementing such a feature wouldn't necessarily have to impact the actual racing, as it could be utilized during spectator mode or when a player is learning a new track.


In essence, transparency regarding track limits is the key to resolving one of Gran Turismo 7's most contested issues. By offering a clear and consistent visual indication of track limits, players of all skill levels could better understand where they stand in relation to potential penalties. This, in turn, could reduce in-game frustrations and make the racing experience fairer and more enjoyable for everyone.

If you've encountered these issues in Gran Turismo 7 or have your own suggestions on how to improve the penalty system, feel free to share your experiences and ideas in the comments section on YouTube. Let's continue the discussion and work towards a more fair, engaging, and thrilling racing experience for all!