Gran Turismo 7 World Series Is BACK (Beginners Guide To GT7 Esports!)

By Kireth | May 11, 2023

The Gran Turismo World Series, the premium online competition in the universe of Gran Turismo 7, is back for 2023 with a bang! If you're a GT7 player and are curious about getting involved, this article is a comprehensive guide for beginners to make the best of the World Series.

What is the Gran Turismo World Series?

The Gran Turismo World Series is an inclusive online competition open to anyone who owns Gran Turismo 7, irrespective of whether you have it on PS4, PS5, or PSVR2. It's an opportunity to mix and race with finalists from previous series, making it an exhilarating experience you won't find in any other sim or game.

The World Series is divided into two parts: the Manufacturer's Cup and the Nation's Cup.

In the Nation's Cup, you essentially drive for your country. You compete using your country's livery, and the top drivers at the end get a chance to represent their nation at a live event with a massive broadcasted audience. There is a twist this year, however: the top three drivers from each nation will represent their country, rather than just one.

The Manufacturer's Cup operates on a similar concept, but here, you're racing for your chosen manufacturer. It's crucial to select carefully as you will be driving for that manufacturer throughout the entire GT World Series.

Dates and Locations

The World Finals are set for the 12th of December 2023. The location, however, remains a mystery. Will it be in London, Sydney, New York, Monaco, or at the Red Bull Hangar? Stay tuned!

The Importance of Timings

The World Series this year has an incredibly intense schedule. It's kicking off immediately and will be non-stop. It's essential to stay updated with the schedule, as any disruptions, such as going on holiday, could cost you dearly.

The Online Series and the Showdown

The online series begins on the 6th of June, followed by the Showdown in August. The Showdown is a dry run for the World Finals where the action will also be broadcasted. In total, there will be 36 competitors from 12 different countries.

Driver Rankings and Scoring

The competition is split according to your driver ranking in Gran Turismo 7. This means your driver ranking will determine the number of points you can race for. The highest ranking is A-Plus, and as you go down, you race for progressively fewer points. This system ensures close racing and an inclusive community feeling.

Rules and Regulations

There are a few key rules to remember. To qualify for the live events, you must be over 18 years of age. Alt accounts are forbidden in this Championship. You cannot intentionally support another player during a race unless they are part of the same team, meaning manufacturer and nation. Unsportmanlike behavior and glitching are also against the rules.

The Manufacturer's Championship has some official partners that are also competing: Toyota, Genesis, and Mazda.

The Race Combinations

The combinations for the Nations Cup offer a diverse set of challenges. From Group 3X at Bathurst to Group 1 at Interlagos, the tracks and car classes offer a variety of racing experiences. This diversity is part of what makes the GT World Series so inclusive and engaging.

In conclusion, the Gran Turismo 7 World Series offers a thrilling and inclusive platform for racing enthusiasts to compete and showcase their skills. The mix of high-speed thrills, strategy, and community engagement makes it a must-try for any GT7 player. So, gear up and get ready to race!