Gran Turismo 7 👉 Suzuka 👈 Gr3 | Kireth Track Guide And Tips!

By Kireth | Jun 13, 2022

Welcome to our Gran Turismo 7 Suzuka Guide! This guide will help you dominate the Suzuka track with the Group 3 Genesis car. This track can present some interesting strategic choices due to the tire wear and fuel settings. Let's dive in!

Choosing the Car

Firstly, we are using the Genesis car this week. Do not confuse this with the Hyundai Genesis. It's the brand Genesis, which has recently become an official partner of Gran Turismo.

Where to Find the Car

  • Go to the home screen and enter Brand Central.
  • You will find Genesis in the Asia Pacific section, right at the bottom next to Hyundai.
  • Genesis currently offers three cars. The Group 3 car is highly recommended due to its stability and pleasant handling.

Track Guide

Here are a few tips to remember when driving this car on the Suzuka track:

  • The Genesis car is very torquey at the low end of the gears, which means you can short shift effectively. There's no need to rev the gears out.
  • The car does not handle trail braking well. You'll need to release the brake quickly to allow the car to rotate. If you don't, you'll experience understeering.

Breakdown Lap

Now, let's break down a lap around Suzuka:

First turn: Look out for the gray path just before the 50-meter board. Don't brake there, just turn in. Gradually decelerate to second gear, then short shift to third. Be careful with the last bit of acceleration to prevent losing the back end.

Technical section: A little dab of brake is needed as you navigate through the S's, mostly in third gear. Avoid full throttle, instead feather it to keep the car steady.

Degna one and two: Brake just before the 50-meter board and go down to fourth gear. Clip the inside kerb lightly and brake about a car's length before the end of the curbing on the left-hand side. Switch down to second gear to rotate, then shift to third gear to accelerate out.

Hairpin: Start braking as soon as the car is straight after the corner. Go down to first gear, then short shift to second gear. Once the car is straightening up, you can go full throttle.

Spoon curve: Brake on the path just before the 50-meter board. Go down to fourth, then third gear. Give a little burst of power and then brake lightly. Shift up to third gear, but be careful with the throttle as you could lose the back end.

130R: Just give a little lift here, then brake for the next corner about 125 meters in between the 150 and the 100 board. Go down to second gear, then short shift to third gear as you come around the camber.

Final turn: For the final right hander, tuck into the barrier to maximize your time.

Remember to share your experiences in the comments and let us know how these strategies are working out for you. Happy racing!