Gran Turismo 7 👉 St Croix 👈 Gr4 | Kireth Track Guide And Tips!

By Kireth | Jul 25, 2022

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for Gran Turismo 7's St Croix track. Here, we'll break down key strategies and tips to help you gain the edge during your races. This guide is based on the Group 4 cars, specifically the Nissan GT-R, which seems to be the optimal choice for this track. However, if the GT-R isn't to your liking, the Mustang is a feasible alternative.

Optimal Car: Nissan GT-R

The Nissan GT-R shines at St Croix due to its impressive straight-line speed and handling dynamics. This makes it a popular choice among racers, and it is highly recommended for this track.

Key Corners and Techniques

Start/Finish Straight & Turn 1: After the 100 board, brake and shift down to third gear. Be cautious to not let your left tyres cross the white line on the green runoff. It's not necessary to use all the green runoff - you can still maintain speed without cutting it.

Curve to the Straight: After the next 100 board, brake early, aiming for the apex. You should be accelerating before even hitting the apex. This will help you gain speed for the straight section that follows.

Complex Section before the Bridge: This is arguably the trickiest part of the track. Start by braking slightly at the start of the curve, then lift off the throttle and let the car drift to the right side of the track. As the steering straightens out, you can start accelerating again. Then, brake lightly, shift down to fourth gear and position yourself to the left side of the track. Brake lightly again, shift down to third gear, and accelerate as you're going up the hill onto the bridge. The key here is to use minimal braking and to time your acceleration properly.

Bridge Straight & Following Turns: The braking point is between the 150 and 100 boards, near the marshal. Brake here and veer to the right before turning in late to get a wide entry. Be confident and use all the track on the right side, getting close to the barrier.

Section after the Bridge: After passing the marshal, brake lightly and aim for the inside of the track. Start accelerating as you pass the lamp post and let the car run out to the left side of the track, setting you up for the long straight.

Back Straight & Final Turns: Your next marker is just after the 150 board. Brake hard, shift down to third gear, and start turning in just before the 50 board. Accelerate before you've fully completed the turn. The following section is a fast, flowing series of corners where early turn-ins are vital. Lift slightly as you go down the hill to keep the car to the inside, and after the 100 board, shift down to fourth gear, clip the kerbing on the right, and accelerate out.

Practice Makes Perfect

The St Croix track is technically demanding, and mastering it requires practice. Key to success is understanding where and when to brake, when to turn in, and when to accelerate. Following this guide will hopefully provide you with a strong foundation to start improving your lap times.

Remember, while this guide is optimized for the Nissan GT-R, these strategies can also be applied with other cars. So buckle up, and happy racing!