Gran Turismo 7 - How I Got The 12th Fastest Lap In The World At Spa

By Kireth | Jun 20, 2022

Recently, I managed to clock the 12th fastest time globally at the legendary Spa circuit in Gran Turismo 7. This achievement didn't come easy, but I want to share my insights, techniques, and the secrets of Spa that helped me achieve this feat. By the end of this article, you should be well-equipped to improve your qualifying times, start higher up the grid, and enhance your overall racing experience in Gran Turismo 7.

Taking Spa by Storm

The first step towards mastering Spa is understanding the braking points, turn-ins, throttle applications, and the little details that make a significant difference in your lap time. Let's start with the bus stop first.

When approaching the bus stop, the idea is to take it easy. Avoid spinning out; if you feel the need to put traction control on, don't hesitate. Remember, it's not about being a full-time esports player or a YouTuber; it's about enjoying the game and getting the best out of it.

The key to setting quick lap times is understanding and exploiting the track's details. For instance, when approaching a turn, try to get as close as possible to the wall on the right side. This proximity helps shave off precious milliseconds off your lap time.

It's also crucial to handle the throttle gently, especially if you're spinning. If you find yourself spinning out often, consider turning on traction control to save yourself some stress.

Conquering the Corners

Spa is a track known for its challenging corners. How you approach these corners can significantly impact your lap time. For instance, when approaching a downhill hairpin, it's better to brake early. If you miss your braking zone, you risk going deep into the corner, ruining your lap.

You can use similar strategies for other corners as well, like the 'no name' corner. It's best to brake early and apply only half the brake, teasing the car to rotate. This strategy helps you maintain speed while ensuring you stay on the racing line.

Mastering the Straights

The straights at Spa provide an excellent opportunity to gain time. One of the most crucial straights is the one following a right-hand turn. Here, you need to brake early and try to get close to the bollards on the right, then go full throttle. Make sure to use the runoff beyond the curb. If you're not on that curb, you risk losing a significant amount of time down the straight.

Secrets of Spa

The track at Spa holds many secrets that can help improve your lap time. One of them is the concept of trail braking. Trail braking is a technique where you continue braking into the turn to help rotate the car. This technique can be particularly useful at Spa, where many corners require precise braking and turn-in points.

Another trick to master Spa is to understand how to cut corners effectively. For example, at the top of Eau Rouge, you want to cut the left-hander as much as possible. If you respect the white lines too much, you risk running out of space on the right side of the track, costing you time.

By using these tips and techniques, you can improve your lap times at Spa in Gran Turismo 7 significantly. Whether it's understanding braking points, mastering cornering, or utilizing track secrets, every detail matters when it comes to setting quick lap times.

Remember, Gran Turismo 7 is a game meant for your enjoyment. Don't stress about being the fastest or the best. Instead, focus on improving your skills, learning the tracks, and having a great time.