Gran Turismo 7 Gets WAY BETTER....When You Finish The Game?!

By Kireth | May 27, 2023

For many, finishing a game represents the end of an adventure, but for Gran Turismo 7, it's merely the beginning. Completing the game doesn't just afford a sense of achievement; it opens a treasure trove of exciting features that redefine your gaming experience, making it more exciting and interactive. This article unravels how Gran Turismo 7's post-completion stage provides an alluring avenue for the players.

I. Completion and Post-Game Unlocks

Finishing Gran Turismo 7 means you've done all the café books, reached level 50, the credits have rolled, and you've received the well-deserved applause and fireworks. Upon achieving these milestones, the game thrusts you into an enriching post-game phase, unlocking the car valuation service.

This feature allows you to get an in-depth understanding of the market variations, enabling you to appraise your cars. Surprisingly, the game doesn't avail this feature until you've completed it. The used car market system could potentially be dynamic, giving you real-time market trends that enable you to make informed decisions when selling or buying cars.

II. The Fun of Car Valuation and Selling

This feature allows you to evaluate your cars, sell those you don't need, and make some extra credits. You can sort by variation and evaluation to determine which cars are worth keeping and which to sell. You can see the car's mileage, its current valuation, and decide whether to sell or hold onto it.

This feature brings a fun mechanic to the game, providing a unique angle to interact with your car collection. Not only does it offer an engaging way to manage your car inventory, but it also serves as a potential source of credits, offering high valuations on some cars. This dynamic aspect enhances the post-completion phase, making it exciting and rewarding.

III. The Thrill of Car Collection

Upon completing Gran Turismo 7, you gain access to extra menus in the café that offer a visually satisfying way of showcasing your car collection. Instead of a massive spreadsheet hidden away in the garage, you now have a pinned wall of cars. This grid-by-grid collection feels more like a car collecting game, and it's inherently satisfying to build up your collection.

IV. Engine Swapping: A New Layer of Customization

Another exciting feature unlocked at level 50 is the ability to engine swap. This is perhaps one of the most fun aspects of Gran Turismo 7's post-completion stage. This feature allows you to swap engines, drastically transforming the car's performance. The process is amusingly animated and adds an element of science and excitement to the game.

The engine swap offers an entirely new dimension to the game, providing unique opportunities for customization. For instance, the once modest Honda Beat can now be transformed into a ridiculously fast car, opening up the potential for exciting race experiences.

V. The Ultimate Level: Maximum Customization

Finally, at level 50, you unlock the 'ultimate level' in the tuning shop. Here, you can access parts that were previously only available as roulette wins. This new feature essentially replaces the less-favored roulette mechanic with a more satisfying and direct way to access top-tier parts.

The ultimate level adds an extra layer of customization, allowing players to further enhance their vehicles, providing an incentive to reach level 50.

In conclusion, while many games begin to fade once you've completed the main objectives, Gran Turismo 7 offers an engaging and exciting post-completion phase. From unlocking the car valuation service to allowing engine swaps and achieving the ultimate level, Gran Turismo 7 encourages players to keep pushing their boundaries.