Gran Turismo 7 Driver Academy Tips: Braking And Cornering!

By Kireth | Oct 25, 2022

Welcome to Gran Turismo 7 Driver Academy, where we aim to enhance your racing abilities, regardless of whether you are a novice or a seasoned player looking to increase your driver rating. In this edition, we focus on two crucial aspects of racing – braking and cornering.

The Cornering Technique

Let's begin with cornering, the most fundamental skill for any racing driver. To illustrate the technique, we'll use parabolica and Monza as examples. Parabolica, a notorious corner at Monza, is known for its intense pressure, often dictating the outcome of many races.

While demonstrating the technique, it's essential to observe the inputs at the bottom of the screen: the break, steering, and throttle. Note how the braking is done in a straight line, following the Apex around, and how the throttle is gradually fed in as the car naturally leans into the corner.

Breaking Down the Technique

As we break down the technique, let's pause at key moments. Start by braking forcefully just at the 100 mark, keeping the steering input in the middle. Turning into the corner at this point might overburden the tires, causing a lock-up or spin. Instead, the focus should be on decelerating the car, best achieved by braking in a straight line.

When you get to the 50 mark, start turning into the corner while easing off the brake. The more you turn, the less brake you should apply. At maximum turning, barely touch the brake. After this point, you should be off the brake and not yet on the throttle, allowing the car to naturally navigate the corner.

If you struggle with corners and often hear tire squeals or experience understeering, this technique might be the solution. At this point in the corner, avoid applying throttle as it may result in understeering or cause the back end of the car to behave unpredictably. Instead, aim to coast until you pass the pole with the lights, then gradually apply power.

Accelerating Out of the Corner

Once you start accelerating, pay close attention to the car's behavior. In powerful cars, like the Aston used in this example, you have to be very cautious with the throttle to prevent the car from losing control. If you apply too much lock with a significant amount of power, the car will likely spin out. Always be aware of how far you can go; getting too far past the white line may result in loss of grip due to dirt on the track.

Finally, watch the full speed replay to see all these techniques put together. One additional tip is to use a higher gear when exiting parabolica; it helps stabilize the car.


Mastering braking and cornering is fundamental to improving your race times in Gran Turismo 7. This technique, focusing on precise braking, controlled steering, and gradual throttle application, can significantly enhance your cornering ability. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep trying these techniques until they become second nature.

Let us know if these tips help improve your racing skills, and stay tuned for more Gran Turismo 7 Driver Academy tutorials to help you master the game's intricacies. Until next time, happy racing!