Gran Turismo 7 Drama - My Honest Thoughts On The Super GT & EERIEISSSS Situation

By Kireth | May 09, 2023

The Gran Turismo 7 community has recently been embroiled in a significant drama and controversy that has captured the attention of the internet. As someone deeply involved in the Gran Turismo 7 content creation scene, I feel compelled to share my honest and professional thoughts on the matter. In this article, we will delve into the controversy surrounding the alleged copying of videos and provide a detailed analysis from the perspective of a content creator.

At the heart of the controversy lies the Gran Turismo 7 Olympics Time Trial, which presented content creators with a unique opportunity to generate engaging videos. Prominent Gran Turismo 7 creators, including Super GT, Rory, and myself, recognized the potential of creating content centered around this event. Super GT, known for his exceptional production quality and captivating storytelling, had previously released a highly successful video documenting his efforts in the Gran Turismo Sport Olympic Time Trial two years ago, garnering over 1.3 million views.

The drama unfolded when Rory released his own video titled "I tried to qualify for the Singapore Olympus Gran Turismo 7." This video caught the attention of Mikhail Hazel, widely regarded as the fastest Gran Turismo 7 driver in the world. Mikhail Hazel posted a side-by-side comparison of Super GT's video from two years ago and Rory's recent video, suggesting similarities between the two. This ignited a passionate debate within the community regarding the concepts of copying and originality.

As content creators, we understand the allure of capitalizing on trending topics and optimizing video titles and thumbnails to attract viewers. When it comes to events like the Olympic Time Trial, there are inherent limitations to how the story can be framed. The central narrative revolves around the pursuit of qualifying for the Olympics, and while creators can infuse their unique style and perspective, the core story remains unchanged.

Thumbnail design and titles pose challenges, as there are limited visual elements to depict the Gran Turismo 7 Olympic Time Trial. Common features such as cars, tracks, and Olympic logos naturally converge in the thumbnails, resulting in visual similarities across different creators' videos. While the titles may bear resemblance, it is important to note that titles are generally too short to be subject to copyright protection.

Upon closer examination, a pattern emerges when comparing Super GT's titles and thumbnails with Rory's. However, it is crucial to clarify that these comparisons solely focus on titles and thumbnails, rather than the content of the videos themselves. Concepts like Gran Turismo 7 daily races or races in wet weather naturally limit the variety of titles and thumbnail designs. These concepts are not unique or protectable and are likely to overlap among content creators.

One particular comparison stands out—the "shameful ramming" thumbnail. This term, associated with Super GT's content, appears to be a distinctive phrase he has popularized. Although it is not a copyrighted term, it carries a certain association with Super GT's videos and style. This example raises questions about the fine line between drawing inspiration and outright copying.

In light of this controversy, providing a definitive verdict becomes challenging. Both Super GT and Rory could potentially justify their perspectives. Super GT might perceive a pattern of behavior in titles and thumbnails that closely resemble his work, while Rory might argue that he is merely building upon a proven concept and adding his own spin.

As content creators, we can empathize with the unease of having our work seemingly copied. Creating thumbnails and titles requires considerable time, effort, and creative input. However, it is essential to acknowledge that content creators often draw inspiration from one another and explore similar themes. The challenge lies in distinguishing genuine inspiration from blatant copying.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding the alleged copying of videos in the Gran Turismo 7 community is complex and challenging to resolve definitively. While there are similarities in titles and thumbnails, it is essential to consider the limitations of framing stories around shared concepts. Content creators often draw inspiration from one another, and the line between inspiration and copying can be subjective. Ultimately, fostering open dialogue and understanding within the community is crucial to navigate such controversies in a constructive manner.