Gran Turismo 7 Cheaters EXPOSED (Penalty Glitch!)

By Kireth | Apr 18, 2023

A highly controversial penalty glitch has surfaced in Gran Turismo 7, affecting the integrity of the game's Sport Mode. This article explores the glitch, which allows dirty drivers to minimize the time it takes to serve a penalty. While some players may be tempted to exploit this bug, it is essential to consider its impact on fair gameplay and whether it ultimately makes a mockery of the entire penalty system.

The Penalty Glitch in Action

To demonstrate the penalty glitch, a test drive was conducted using the Radical, speeding over the penalty line at 110 mph in fourth gear. Serving a 10-second penalty using the standard method, the driver was forced to decelerate to 47 mph.

However, by employing a secret technique used by some top split drivers, the driver managed to maintain a speed of 61 mph while serving the penalty. The glitch becomes even more advantageous when applied to smaller penalties, like half a second, as the rate of deceleration is minimalized, turning a small penalty into an almost negligible one.

The Ethics of Using the Penalty Glitch

Although some players may argue that using glitches within the game is fair game, the penalty glitch in question seems to go a step beyond. It unfairly benefits those who exploit it, while the vast majority of players remain unaware of its existence.

By using this glitch in Sport Mode, players are essentially cheating the penalty system and gaining an advantage over those who adhere to the intended rules. For this reason, it is argued that the glitch should not be used in gameplay.

The Future of the Penalty Glitch

As the penalty glitch continues to create controversy within the Gran Turismo community, the question remains: should players continue to use it, or should the developers step in to address and fix the issue? Players are encouraged to share their thoughts on the matter and to discuss the ethical implications of using this technique in Gran Turismo 7.

The controversial penalty glitch in Gran Turismo 7 undermines the foundation of the game's Sport Mode and raises questions about fair play. While some players may choose to exploit this bug, it is crucial to consider the importance of fair competition. The gaming community should engage in a dialogue about this issue and discuss the future of the penalty glitch in Gran Turismo 7.