Gran Turismo 7 Added MY REAL CAR In PSVR2!

By Kireth | Feb 23, 2023

In the realm of virtual reality and gaming, the lines between reality and simulation are constantly being blurred. An example of this can be found in Gran Turismo 7 on PlayStation VR2, where real-world vehicles are intricately replicated in the game, providing an authentic and immersive experience. This article is a personal account of discovering my own car in Gran Turismo 7, examining the accuracy of its virtual representation, and sharing the excitement of this unique experience.

It was a surreal moment when I first came across my car in Gran Turismo 7. The creators had scanned my actual vehicle and integrated it into the game, creating an uncanny mirror image of my real-life ride. The excitement of this realization was overwhelming: it felt as though I had just stepped into an alternate reality where my car had been digitally cloned.

Once the initial surprise wore off, I decided to compare the virtual representation with my actual car. The attention to detail that Gran Turismo 7 provides is phenomenal. From the car's exterior design to its interior features, almost everything seemed accurate. The thrill of seeing my car and being able to 'sit' in it within the game was an incredibly unique experience.

However, upon closer inspection, I noticed a few minor discrepancies. For instance, the dial on the center console, located between the music and setup controls, appeared to protrude more than it does in my actual vehicle. It's a small detail, but one that stood out to me given my familiarity with the car.

Additionally, the game's representation of my car was noticeably cleaner than its real-world counterpart. This isn't surprising, given that virtual cars don't accumulate dust or grime, but it was an amusing difference to note.

Another discrepancy that caught my attention was the tire tread. The virtual car's tires seemed to have less tread than they should, suggesting they might not pass a real-world Ministry of Transportation Inspection (MIT).

Overall, despite these minor differences, the experience of finding and examining my car in Gran Turismo 7 was nothing short of amazing. It's a testament to how far gaming technology has come, allowing for such detailed and accurate representations of real-world objects. The uncanny feeling of seeing my car in a video game was surreal, and it added a new level of personal engagement to the game.

Gran Turismo 7 and PlayStation VR2 continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in gaming, providing immersive experiences that can sometimes feel weirdly akin to reality. Whether it's racing in a familiar car or exploring new virtual terrains, the possibilities seem endless. It's an exciting time to be a gamer, and I can't wait to see what other surprises Gran Turismo 7 might hold in store.