Gran Turismo 7 120FPS Myths BUSTED! (Graphics Do Change)

By Kireth | Mar 31, 2023

The latest update for Gran Turismo 7 has introduced a groundbreaking feature that doubles the frame rate from 60 to 120 FPS, taking the gaming experience to a whole new level. However, there are some trade-offs to consider, and in this article, we will explore the advantages and drawbacks of this new addition to the game.

This update enables smoother gameplay and heightened controller responsiveness, resulting in an overall better performance. Players have noted that the game feels much more like a proper sim racing experience on a console, as the 120 FPS mode delivers an increased amount of visual information and improved responsiveness.

Despite the incredible enhancement to the game's performance, the 120 FPS mode comes with some image quality compromises. Players have observed an increase in blurring, as well as a more noticeable level of detail (LOD) degradation. The anti-aliasing is also less effective compared to the game's traditional 60 FPS mode, making the image quality slightly inferior.

The trade-off between image quality and performance raises the question of which mode players should opt for. For some, the smoothness and responsiveness of the 120 FPS mode may outweigh the image quality drawbacks. Others may prefer the more refined visuals provided by the 60 FPS mode, which offers better anti-aliasing and a more stable graphical experience.

Gran Turismo 7's 120 FPS update has the potential to revolutionize console-based sim racing experiences, but it ultimately comes down to individual preferences. As players continue to experiment with the different modes and combinations, they will discover which setting provides the most enjoyable gaming experience for them.

Whether you prioritize performance or visuals, Gran Turismo 7's latest update presents an exciting development in the world of console gaming. Share your thoughts on the 120 FPS mode in the comments below and let us know which mode you'll be using to enhance your Gran Turismo 7 experience.