F1 Manager 22 Safety Car Glitches Can DESTROY Your Race!

By Kireth | Sep 28, 2022

The adrenaline-infused world of Formula 1, with its high-speed chases and strategic gameplay, is beautifully encapsulated in F1 Manager 22. Yet, the game has recently become a talking point for an issue that can turn a player's race from thrill to frustration in an instant. This issue relates to the safety car, an integral element of Formula 1 racing, and its involvement in a game-altering glitch.

During a recent race at Baku for Williams, I experienced this glitch firsthand. Despite my car's less than optimal performance on my William save, the emergence of a safety car usually spells an opportunity for me to switch to soft tires. But this time, things took an unexpected turn.

Just as I was preparing to put Alex Albon, in the 19th position, onto the hard tires, a safety car situation arose. Seeing this as a perfect chance to switch to soft tires, I paused the game immediately. What was supposed to be a stroke of luck, however, quickly spiraled into a frustrating glitch for Latifi, who was trailing Albon by a mere 12 seconds on the track.

As Latifi approached the pit, Max Verstappen, who was picked up by the safety car, overtook him. Albon, too, sped past the safety car, leaving Latifi stranded behind Verstappen. The result? Latifi lost an entire lap to Albon, marking the first of several glitches that I encountered.

Being stuck behind Verstappen placed Latifi in the middle of a pack of cars, which led to inevitable chaos once the race restarted. As predicted, the chaos was so intense that it necessitated another safety car.

Compounding the problem further, the game doesn't allow unlapped cars to overtake the safety car once it has picked up the leader. This rule aligns with real-world Formula 1 races. However, unlike the real races where an announcement allows unlapped cars to pass, F1 Manager 22 lacks this crucial feature.

The glitch escalated during the second safety car situation, with Latifi now lagging behind Albon by a staggering two minutes and forty-five seconds, despite initially being just ten seconds apart. The game also appeared to have a significant issue with unlapping cars. Despite having a faster compound and a clear pace advantage, Latifi couldn't overtake his compatriot, even after multiple attempts.

This inability to unlap oneself is a serious issue, particularly when a player has fallen victim to a safety car glitch and is attempting to recover lost time. The only way I could manage to overtake was when the other car pitted.

This safety car glitch in F1 Manager 22 disrupts the rhythm of the game, eliminating chances for fair competition and clean gameplay. The silver lining is that the mechanics needed to rectify these glitches likely already exist within the game. It's vital that unlapped cars be allowed to overtake the safety car, and overtaking should be permitted under the correct circumstances.

This glitch poses a significant concern for all F1 Manager 22 players, and it's crucial for the developers to address it in the forthcoming patch. Ensuring that players can engage in exciting races and battles without facing unfair setbacks or gameplay interruptions is essential for a fair and enjoyable gaming experience. If you have suggestions or have faced similar glitches, sharing your experiences could provide invaluable feedback to the developers, helping to enhance the overall gaming experience.