F1 Manager 22 Race Strategy - How To Undercut!

By Kireth | Aug 30, 2022

In the world of F1 Manager 22, you may have found yourself with an upgraded car and a perfect setup, yet in the race, it seems impossible to overtake other drivers. You're stuck behind opponents and can't exploit your car's performance. This article will introduce you to the technique known as the "undercut," a powerful strategy in F1 Manager 22 that can help you get past your rivals and secure a victory.

Understanding the Undercut

In real-life Formula 1 racing and in F1 Manager 22, the undercut strategy is a tactical manoeuvre aimed at gaining a position advantage over an opponent. It involves pitting before your rival to change to a faster tire, thereby taking advantage of the increased pace on the fresh rubber while your opponent is still on track with worn tires. The goal is to create a pace differential that allows you to overtake your opponent when they eventually pit to change their tires.

The Power of the Undercut in F1 Manager 22

The undercut strategy can be remarkably effective in F1 Manager 22. To illustrate this, let's follow an example race between Max Verstappen's Red Bull and Charles Leclerc's Ferrari.

Throughout the early part of the race, Verstappen and Leclerc are engaged in a tight battle, swapping positions multiple times. Despite the intense rivalry, Verstappen doesn't have the pace to escape from Leclerc because of the power of the DRS (Drag Reduction System) in the game. Therefore, the decision is made to execute an undercut.

Implementing the Undercut Strategy

In the game, Verstappen is initially set up to switch to the soft tire towards the end of the race. However, to execute the undercut, this plan is changed. The race is paused, and from the strategy view in the top right corner, the decision is made to switch to medium tires, even though they're technically slower than the soft ones.

The reason behind this decision is that the medium tires will be fresh, whereas Leclerc's medium tires will be worn down to about 40%. The difference in tire condition can result in a considerable pace advantage for Verstappen.

After calling Verstappen into the pits, he switches to the fresh mediums. Leclerc continues on track, unable to react in time. When Leclerc eventually pits to change his tires, Verstappen has already managed to build a substantial lead thanks to the undercut.

The Aftermath of the Undercut

After the undercut, Verstappen is significantly ahead of Leclerc. The gap between them grows from being neck and neck to a stunning six-second lead. This advantage allows Verstappen to manage the pace for the rest of the race, even though he's not on the faster soft tires anymore.

One of the main reasons the undercut is so powerful in F1 Manager 22 is the removal of the DRS factor. Without Leclerc in DRS range, Verstappen can finally unlock his true pace and pull away. This strategy effectively frees him from the DRS "train," which can be incredibly hard to break away from in the game.

By the penultimate lap of the race, the gap between Verstappen and Leclerc has extended to an impressive 16 seconds. Verstappen goes on to win the race by a considerable margin of 17 seconds.

In conclusion, mastering the undercut strategy can be a game-changer in F1 Manager 22. It's a tool that can help you overcome challenging race situations, unlock your car's true pace, and ultimately secure victories. As with any strategy, practice makes perfect, so don't be discouraged if your first few attempts don't go as planned. Keep experimenting, learn from each race, and you'll soon be on your way to the top step of the podium.

As always, happy racing, and may the undercut be with you! And do share your success stories, teams, and any other strategy tips in the comments below. Let's grow this community together, sharing experiences, victories, and insights. Happy gaming!