F1 Manager 22 - How To Get 100% Setups The Easy Way!

By Kireth | Aug 28, 2022

In F1 Manager 22, setups play a crucial role in boosting your driver's stats and improving your chances of winning races. Having optimal setups is essential to ensure your drivers perform at their best during qualifying and the actual race. In this article, we will explore a step-by-step guide on how to achieve 100% optimized setups, making it easier for you to dominate the competition.

Understanding the Setup Mini-Game: When approaching setups in F1 Manager 22, it's important to view it as a mini-game rather than a simple adjustment of car components. By adopting this mindset, you can approach it strategically and achieve better results. The setup mini-game revolves around manipulating markers within blue bars on the screen to find the optimal setup for your drivers.

Maximizing Performance Bonus: The performance bonus is a critical element in F1 Manager 22, as it directly impacts your driver's abilities. To maximize this bonus, you need to focus on increasing the driver points allocated through the bonus distribution. At the beginning of the weekend, the performance bonus starts at 0 out of 15. By increasing this to 15 or close to it, you enhance your driver's abilities and significantly improve their chances of success.

Free Practice 1: The journey to achieving 100% setups starts with Free Practice 1 (FP1). During this session, your goal is to set markers within the blue bars for each driver. This initial setup is not expected to be perfect but serves as a starting point for gathering feedback. It's recommended to have your drivers complete at least 20 laps during this session to gather sufficient feedback from them.

Feedback and Adjustments: Once the drivers have completed their laps, they will provide feedback on the setup. This feedback is essential in guiding your adjustments to move closer to the optimal setup. The setup confidence indicators, such as chevrons and question marks, will help you gauge their feedback. Adjust the markers based on their feedback, moving them away from the previous setup if the feedback was bad and closer if it was optimal.

Optimizing Specific Settings: Certain car setup options have a more significant impact on the car's performance, especially on straights. These settings include rear-wing angle and front wing angle. It's advisable to start by adjusting these two settings to fine-tune the straight setup. Once you have made adjustments to these primary settings, focus on tweaking other aspects like oversteer, tire camber, and toe-out to achieve a balanced and optimal setup.

Continued Feedback and Refinement: As the practice sessions progress, continue to send your drivers out and gather feedback. Adjust the markers based on the feedback received, focusing on improving areas where the setup was suboptimal. Use the previous, best, and current markers as references while making adjustments. Keep the markers within the blue bands, as the optimal setup is expected to be within this range.

Reaching 100% Setup: Through iterations of feedback and adjustments, you will approach the optimal setup for each driver. The ultimate goal is to achieve a setup where all the markers align within the optimal range. This will result in a setup confidence of 100%, indicating that you have attained the highest level of optimization. Once you reach this point, your drivers will have maximum performance on the track.

Benefits of 100% Setups: Acquiring 100% setups provides significant advantages to your drivers. Not only will they perform better during qualifying and races, but it will also contribute to the performance bonus points allocated to their abilities. With a higher performance bonus, your drivers will have enhanced capabilities, giving you a competitive edge over other teams.

In F1 Manager 22, mastering setups is crucial to achieving consistent success on the track. By treating setups as a mini-game and strategically adjusting markers within the blue bars, you can optimize your driver's performance and increase your chances of winning races.

Remember to focus on maximizing the performance bonus by increasing the driver points allocated through the bonus distribution. This will directly impact your driver's abilities and give them a significant boost on the track.

Throughout the practice sessions, gather feedback from your drivers and make adjustments accordingly. Move markers away from previous setups if the feedback is negative and closer if it is positive. Pay special attention to settings like rear-wing angle and front wing angle, as they have a significant impact on straight performance.

Continuously refine and tweak the setups based on feedback, aiming to align all markers within the optimal range. Once you achieve a setup confidence of 100%, you have reached the highest level of optimization, resulting in maximum performance for your drivers.

The benefits of attaining 100% setups are substantial. Your drivers will perform at their peak during qualifying and races, increasing your chances of securing victories. Additionally, the higher performance bonus points will enhance your driver's abilities and give you a competitive advantage over other teams.

In conclusion, mastering setups in F1 Manager 22 is a key aspect of achieving success in the game. By understanding the setup mini-game, gathering feedback, and making strategic adjustments, you can reach 100% optimized setups, ultimately leading to improved performance and increased chances of winning races. Embrace the challenge, fine-tune your setups, and dominate the track like a true F1 manager.