Common Beginner Mistakes You Should AVOID In Gran Turismo 7

By Kireth | Aug 05, 2022

Gran Turismo 7, the latest entry in the renowned racing video game series, is a thrilling experience for both newcomers and seasoned players. However, it's easy to fall into some common pitfalls that can hamper your progress, especially if you're a beginner. Based on common observations, this article aims to help you avoid these mistakes and start winning races.

Brake Indicator Misuse

The first common mistake is not correctly utilizing the brake indicator. Many players tend to run with a bit of brake down the straight. Unfortunately, doing so will cause you to lose significant time. You can rectify this by going into the wheel calibration menu and adjusting your brake settings. For those using a DualSense or a DS4, ensure that you lean off the left trigger when running straight.

Throttle Control

The second mistake relates to throttle control. Some players tend to apply a small amount of throttle while cornering, slowing their overall speed. This habit leads to understeering, which hinders your rotation and costs you valuable time. To avoid this, ensure that your throttle is fully off when taking corners.

Steering Issues

Steering is another area where many players struggle, particularly during hairpin turns. To make these turns successfully, you need to be using maximum steering. Check your calibration if you're using a wheel, and ensure that you're getting enough rotation. For those using a pad, ensure that there's no stick drift causing problems.

Choosing the Correct Tires

Your tire choice plays a crucial role in your performance in both races and qualifiers. For daily races online, make sure you're using the softest compound for qualifying. Many races allow you to choose different tires for the race itself, but your car may default to a slower tire for qualifying.

Understanding Gear Shifting

Proper gear shifting is a skill that can make a significant difference in your race times. Each car shifts differently, with some needing to shift shorter than others. Understanding where you should be shifting in your car is critical. If you're losing time on the straight, it might be because you're shifting in the wrong place.

Dirty Tires

Going off track in Gran Turismo 7 can lead to dirty tires, which can cause you to understeer widely for the next few corners. If you happen to go off track, remember to take it easy for the next few turns until your grip returns.

Traction Control (TC) Settings

Another common mistake is having the Traction Control (TC) set too high. In most cases, a high TC setting will slow you down. Most race cars in Gran Turismo 7, due to their good downforce and tires, don't need a high TC setting. Lowering your TC to one or two can make a noticeable difference in your race times.

Impact of Wind

Lastly, keep in mind that environmental factors like wind can affect your performance. Gran Turismo 7 introduces variability, such as wind direction and speed, which can impact your race times. If you're wondering why you're slower in one session compared to another, check the wind direction.

These common mistakes can cost you crucial seconds in your races. But with awareness and practice, you can eliminate these issues from your racing and start clocking in better times. Happy racing!