Can We Fix PSVR2 with an INFRA RED Light?!

By Kireth | Mar 22, 2023

As a VR enthusiast, I've been struggling with tracking issues on my PSVR for quite some time now. Recently, I decided to try a new approach to fix this problem, by using the infrared light, which I purchased from a popular online marketplace. My hope was that this small yet powerful device would bounce infrared light back into the cameras and help improve the tracking.

Setting up the infrared light was a bit of a challenge. The package came with Chinese documents, a USB adapter, and the infrared light itself. However, there was no adhesive or any other way to attach it to the headset. I had to resort to using the serial code sticker as a makeshift adhesive.

Once I managed to attach the infrared light to the side of the PSVR headset, I eagerly tested it in a game of Pavlov. To my dismay, I still experienced some drifting when I looked down, despite the infrared light being on. I tried various troubleshooting methods, including clearing and resetting the play area data, scanning the room with the infrared light on, and even removing potential obstacles from my gaming space.

Unfortunately, my tracking issues persisted. Whether it was in the cockpit of Gran Turismo 7 or just sitting still, I experienced subtle yet nauseating movements that felt like being in an earthquake. I couldn't help but feel disheartened by this outcome, as the Kookaburra 12 seemed like a promising solution to my problem.

In the end, I couldn't help but wonder if my PSVR headset is defective. Despite my best efforts and the help of the Kookaburra 12, the tracking issues remained. I've reached out to the community for any tips and advice, but it seems like my only option might be to return or exchange the headset for a new one.

Although this experience has left me feeling down, I'm grateful to have documented my journey with all of you. It's a reminder that sometimes, even the most dedicated enthusiasts can face challenges when it comes to gaming technology. I remain hopeful that I'll find a solution to my PSVR tracking woes, and I'll be sure to keep you all updated on my progress.