Buy This Car In Gran Turismo 7 NOW! (Audi RS DTM 1.31)

By Kireth | Mar 31, 2023

Today marks an exciting milestone for Gran Turismo 7 and Audi enthusiasts, as the highly anticipated Audi RS DTM makes its debut in the game. This article will provide a comprehensive review of the gaming experience with the Audi RS DTM, based on a hands-on test drive in the game. So, buckle up as we take this Group 2 Beast for a spin on the notorious Nordschleife track, fondly known as the 'Green Hell.'

The Car: Audi RS DTM

The Audi RS DTM has always held a special place among car enthusiasts, and owning a virtual version in Gran Turismo 7 is a thrill in itself. With over 800 Performance Points (PP), the car sounds slightly different than you might remember, but it certainly commands attention on the track with its raw power and responsive handling. It's a Group 2 beast that tests your control and adaptability, making it an exhilarating drive.

The Drive: Nordschleife

The Nordschleife, with its stunning livery and challenging layout, serves as the ultimate test track for any car, especially for the Audi RS DTM. Despite a bit of a learning curve with the DualSense controller, the car performs exceptionally well. The car's raspy engine noise, its quick exits, and the thrill of catching up with other drivers all contribute to an immersive experience.

The Audi RS DTM's performance on the Nordschleife is like a match made in heaven. It just feels right. The car, with its fantastic livery, manages to hold its own against stiff competition, including the Nissan GTR and the Honda NSX. The car's handling, speed, and control are a testament to its design and capabilities, offering a genuinely thrilling racing experience.

The DualSense Experience:

The Gran Turismo 7 experience is significantly enhanced by the DualSense controller. Despite the initial challenge of adjusting to the controller, the gameplay soon becomes intuitive, even while playing at 120 FPS. The game's physics are updated more frequently due to the higher frame rate, which translates to better handling and a smoother ride.

Gran Turismo 7's updated physics model plays a significant role in handling the car, especially when it comes to managing the curbs. The new physics model allows players to take on the curbs more aggressively, much like in iRacing. This feature adds another level of depth and realism to the game, making the driving experience more engaging.


In conclusion, the Audi RS DTM is a stellar addition to Gran Turismo 7. Its performance on the Nordschleife track is nothing short of impressive, providing an intense and immersive racing experience. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the Gran Turismo series, don't sleep on the controller! Give it a chance and enjoy the thrill of controlling the beast that is the Audi RS DTM.

The game's updates, including the improved physics and the addition of the Audi RS DTM, make Gran Turismo 7 one of the best gaming updates we've seen. Whether you're playing with a controller or a wheel, the Audi RS DTM promises an unforgettable ride. So, if you're a Gran Turismo 7 player, do yourself a favor and buy the Audi RS DTM today. It's time to hit the track and experience the thrill for yourself!